Jessica Biel’s first promotional event of the year, since having Justin Timberlake’s baby. She stepped out last night to promote Bare, the line of eco-friendly accessories she launched with her brother and his business partner a couple of years ago. E! News had the exclusive interview from the event. Nothing all that interesting. They asked her about being a mom and whether or not Bare will be offering a diaper bag and all the business questions were directed to her brother. Also she mentioned that she was at the Taylor Swift concert when JT performed the other night. Click here if you want to read the article.

It was announced earlier this week that Mr & Mrs Timberlake will be honoured together at the GLSEN Respect Awards. They will receive the Inspiration Award for their commitment to improving the lives of children and their support of the LGBT community. (Source) I linked to the story in Smutty Tingles a few days ago, commenting about JT actually sharing something with his wife for a change, instead of making it all about himself. The award ceremony happens in October. Maybe he’ll surprise us again and actually let her say something.

As for her outfit, I like the topknot (but I would have made it even closer to the forehead) and I like the top. The pants? Good shape, wrong colour.