Funny or Die is usually spot on with their hilarious celebrity videos. Usually. Even, gulp, Ebola Paris Hilton’s message to McCain was admittedly pretty funny. So a real actor like Jessica Biel, all serious and sh-t, trying to stake her claim, you’d think at the very least she’d be better than Ebola, right?


Shelfy sucks.

Like badly.

Like embarrassingly bad.

But the good news? Her legs. Shelf Ass Jessica Biel in a sexy little elf costume with tight toned legs … so what does it matter if she can’t act and she’s not funny? It’s HER BODY! And judging from the comments below the clip, the only other feedback collected, aside from “that sucked” is that “Jessica Biel is hot, who cares if it sucked”.

And that just about sums up her career. Here’s a picture of her in a bikini.

Jessica Biel Funny or Die

"Santa and Bleebo Save Christmas" with Jessica Biel and David Koechner by Dave Koechner