Jessica Biel couldn’t make Justin Timberlake stay. And it’s been splashed all over the tabloids that he was unfaithful, that he didn’t want to marry her, that she tolerated it in exchange for a professional boost, and that he was trying to shake her for two years until he finally broke away. A real f-ckin’ gentleman that one, isn’t he?

So the priority right now is to rehabilitate Jessica’s image. How could a girl so gorgeous possibly be so pathetic? Inconceivable! She must have them lining up for a go at her. And nothing re-establishes desirability than attracting the attention of a celebrated bachelor.

Enter Gerard Butler.

He knows this game.

He played it for Jennifer Aniston. He’s obviously playing it now for Jessica Biel.

The two are working on a movie together in Shreveport, Louisiana. Please. Don’t ask me the name of the film. With those two starring, you should already know the plot – a romantic comedy about an alpha male and girl who doesn’t know what she wants and they fight a lot and end up together. The point is Us Weekly says they’ve been hanging out a lot. Flirting. He can’t get enough of her. Because she’s so beautiful and sexy and fun.

Beautiful I can buy, sure. Sexy and fun is where you lose me. Dull might be a better way to describe her personality.

And it’s really too obvious of a move. Because it’s one thing for her to be leaking that she’s hot enough to handle Butler, it’s entirely another to see through it that she’s doing so to make Justin jealous. Oh honey, that kid, he doesn’t look back.

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