Mrs Timberlake talked to PEOPLE the other night at the premiere of The Truth About Emmanuel. She plays a mother in the movie. So PEOPLE used that as an excuse to ask her when she’s getting pregnant. Which is what I hear real people asking a lot of other real people. Like, a few months after a couple is married, they get jacked with the question over and over again:

When are you having kids?!?

It’s gross.

Here’s how Mrs Timberlake answered when asked about her role as a mother:

"Every woman has some kind of intuition of how they'd interact with a child. I feel kind of comfortable around kids, so I was kind of rolling with that idea.”

No. Not every woman, Mrs Timberlake. But hey, since it’s all women, when are you having one?

"I'm not sure about sooner or later. But definitely at some point." Well, that response really shocked me. I was totally not expecting that. Totally unpredictable.