Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake at the premiere of Friends With Benefits in New York last night – but supposedly this could have been Jessica Biel on the carpet instead as one of the writers revealed that Biel had screen-tested for the movie. So why didn’t she get the part? It was a director’s decision. And, frankly, “Mila was fated for the role”.


It was ANY director’s decision.

You’ve seen Jessica Biel in a comedy, haven’t you? She can barely act in an action feature when all that’s required is a grunt and a leg hitch while cocking a gun. She can definitely NOT act when the requirement is to be funny. Exhibit A: Valentine’s Day. Jesus Christ that was embarrassing.

As for what’s going on between Justin and Jessica, there’s a definitive answer – will post that in its own article coming up.

Not really feeling what Mila’s wearing here. I’m biased though – I really dislike a red dress, and besides, considering who we’re talking about, this one seems so meh. Like, something Sharon Stone or Catherine Zeta-Jones should be wearing.

But they have been pimping this HARD, haven’t they? Friends With Benefits is opening against Captain America: The First Avenger. I mean, obviously it’s not a direct head to head for genre, but Pippy desperately, desperately, desperately wants it to at least stand up to Horrible Bosses, Bad Teacher, and Bridesmaids. It could be his first legitimate claim to a win at the box office. Are you helping him with that?

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