With a couple of weeks to go before the wedding, Jessica Biel spent the weekend in Paris for a photo shoot. Today she stepped out to go shopping on Avenue Montaigne. As you can see, she’s wearing those leather studded Isabel Marant pants which juuuuust appeared on the runway at PFW last month. Click here to see the collection. I noted when I posted it that celebrity stylists would be calling right away about these pants. And it appears that Shelfy won them before anyone else. All of it, in fact, looks like Isabel Marant fresh from the showroom, months before civilians even have a hope of sniffing at it, and definitely before Kate Bosworth which… well… Kate Bosworth’s fiancé isn’t Justin Timberlake, is he?

This, of course, is why she took him back. These are the advantages. Society women do it all the time in exchange for security and status. And for a celebrity like Jessica Biel, who has undoubtedly been elevated by this relationship, who’d otherwise still be languishing several levels lower, the results of her upward mobility, and her strategic negotiations have been well on display lately. She’s not dressed in head to toe Isabel Marant because it’s really, really comfortable. She’s dressed in head to toe Isabel Marant because she’s telling us that she’s important enough now for Isabel Marant to have sent it to her first.