Ok, not really. You can’t run from a clinger.

Check out Justin Timberlake and his Shelf Ass Biel in New York today running with the trainer (not pictured). I think I have her running pants. They’re great. Nike. Took them out last night on the trails for about 5k and they dry super fast. My ass is still cramping though. There’s been something wrong my IT band for weeks. Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, Shelfy’s Easy Virtue screened at Tribeca the other day. She did not show. Makes sense. It’s the third festival screening for the film in a year with still no North American release date. Add that to the fact that her Powder Blue – you know the movie where she gets naked and works the pole? – is going straight to DVD and you begin to understand about the attachment to JT. She really has nothing else.

So they’ll stay in the city until at least Monday night when Pip co-chairs the Costume Institute Gala, my favourite carpet. F-cking economy is in the sh-ts so doesn’t look like I’m covering it this year. Bummer. I would have liked to see Jessica Biel look like sh-t in person again. Last time was the Oscars. This time she’s wearing William Rast. At an event with many of the world’s most successful models and some of Hollywood’s most high profile actors, including Gisele Bundchen and Halle Berry and my Marion Cotillard (!!!), Shelfy’s ass will get owned. Sigh. Hate to miss it. Too bad, to quote Seth Meyers, George Bush broke the world.

Photos from PPNY/GSNY/Dicko/Splashnewsonline.com