Mentioned earlier – Freida Pinto will be working with Woody Allen. Her first film won Best Picture. Her next film is being helmed by a man who is running a streak of Best Supporting Actresses. Good on Freida.

Malin Akerman, also mentioned earlier, has just signed to The Bang Bang Club starring as the “a photo editor of the so-called Bang Bang Club, four combat war photogs whose photographs captured the final bloody days of white rule in South Africa.” Sounds like a juicy, challenging ACTING job, something Jessica Biel would have given her left ass cheek for. Unfortunately Malin beat out her ass cheek.

Malin Akerman is being called the new Cameron Diaz. So both the new Cameron Diaz and the original Cameron Diaz are getting more film offers than the Shelf.

Maybe because she can’t act?

As you know, her film Powder Blue is going straight to DVD. A new trailer has been released featuring Jessica, the stripper, demonstrating her barely-better-than-Mischa-Barton acting skills. Note that in the clip she gets top billing BEFORE Forest Whitaker. He’s an Oscar winner… WTF?

Also – the scene where she’s working the pole, writhing on stage, watch and you’ll see that it actually gets looped… TWICE! Like it’s the ONLY selling feature about the movie.

And this fool wants to be considered among the top actresses in the industry?

Girl, you need to check yourself.

Attached – Jessica and Justin Timberlake leaving the gym yesterday in New York. He’s been promoting his reality tv show The Phone. We will TOTALLY rag on that sh-t closer to the premiere. More impact that way.

PS. I like the way her hair goes up in a ponytail like that. The tail part is fluffy. Mine just droops, it’s a wet rag.

Powder Blue Trailer