There’s no pride in boasting about being right when it comes to Jessica Biel. It’s too obvious.

Last week the Chicago Sun Times reported that Justin Timberlake was sick of her and that they were on the verge of a split.

Two days later, she shows up – with him of course – on Saturday Night Live in a cameo during Weekend Update with her Shelf Ass on mayjah display. Like…it was padded, right? Or was it?

No matter.

As you know, Pips is an SNL favourite. And he kills it every time, this time was no exception. Now he’s leveraging his influence with Lorne to get his girlfriend on the show. See below – Jessica Biel as a piss poor Jessica Rabbit (hopefully NBC won’t have taken it down by the time you view this post).

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on SNL

Would there be a Shelfy on SNL without Pippy? Hell no.

And this is why she clings…

They arrived hand in hand at the afterparty and were photographed again on Sunday out for a stroll. As soon as she’s around, suddenly the paps know where to find him.

You’ll note she’s wearing yet another pair of assy boots. And pretending she hates being photographed. By the way, since Saturday the new rumour is that they’re planning a summer wedding.

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