Shelfy’s Easy Virtue strip

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 12, 2009 05:51:01 May 12, 2009 05:51:01

Last night at the NY screening of Easy Virtue – Jessica Biel propped up her Shelf Ass hard to promote her movie alongside Ben Barnes and Colin Firth. Hmmm…two for two this week on Colin Firth. Bonus.

It’s actually not the worst she’s looked. Much better showing here than at the Met Gala last week with Pipple as her date…which brings us back to that theory: he can’t exist without being #1. Even his women must be dulled.

Shelfy can do the pink lipstick. And for once her hair has half a life. Not bad. But not good enough. Not enough to save Easy Virtue. Although she’s trying. She’s trying very hard.

During an interview the other day with MTV, while promoting the movie, Jessica was conveniently very obliging when discussing her boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s performance this weekend on Saturday Night Live. In the past, she has made it clear she does not want to answer personal questions, does not want to have a conversation about the Pip. And still when presented with the opportunity, especially when she herself has something to sell, she gladly entertained the subject, and subsequently the entire article became about her man while the movie poster lurks in the background. Click here for more.

So can Justin turn Easy Virtue into a success story? Well, he wasn’t able to save Powder Blue. Even several minutes worth of Shelfy naked and writhing couldn’t save Powder Blue.

Have you seen the footage? She’s surprisingly quite accomplished on a pole. I could only manage to get through half of it before losing interest. You go. CAUTION: NUDITY. Also: Hilarity. At point she dumps hot wax all over her bare breasts and weeps. My husband and I laughed out loud.


While Shelfy was “working” yesterday, Pippy was left to his own devices, walking around Tribeca with his hood pulled up followed by a range session. He met up with her after her carpet –as you can see, she’s beaming!

Also attached – a photo taken from the Met Gala last week of Shelfy hanging out with all of Pip’s friends. Like Madonna would pose with her otherwise.


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