It’s been a month since Justin Timberlake was spotted in Toronto visiting Jessica Biel, leading her to believe, and subsequently tell people, that he was taking her back. He then took off for the Friends With Benefits press tour and proceeded to announce that he’s single. Though they were both at Comic-Con, a day apart, word is there was no time to meet. At least not on his schedule. As you know, things happen when Pipsy says they can happen. And poor Jessica clings to the scraps he throws her.

But it was a smiling, cheerful Jessica on Saturday night in Toronto, at a restaurant called Union, as she enjoyed dinner with Colin Farrell and a few of their cast and crew mates from Total Recall. There wasn’t anything overt between them, he didn’t have his hand down the back of her pants or anything, but lately, word is she’s been really, really happy to be around him. They have a good time together. A source on set told me, “I don’t think they’re hooking up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it heads there. They have really hot chemistry.”

Um, you know, when Colin Farrell is into a woman, how it is at the beginning right? At the end it’s f-cked up and crazy but at the beginning, well, you’d know if you’ve read Emma Forrest’s book Your Voice In My Head. I reviewed it several months ago here. At the beginning, with Colin Farrell, it is the opposite of Justin Timberlake’s ego. It is all about you. Her. His. I feel a little short of breath just imagining it. And for a girl who’s had to practically beg for love, to go from that to Colin Farrell... Jesus...

Well no wonder she is smiling. Please. I’m smiling for her. If she has a chance at The Begining with Colin Farrell, I’m definitely smiling for her.

Attached - Biel and Farrell shooting together a couple of weeks ago and at Comic-Con.

Photos from and Todd G/Macca/ and John Shearer/