Almost 20 million viewers tuned into the Grammy Awards last night which represented an increase of 11% compared to last year…

CBS today is celebrating a huge success.

Who to thank?

How long will we have to wait for Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake to take the credit?

You know how he is…

He took credit the last time the Grammys killed the ratings. He took credit when McDonald’s declared a profit. He’s probably taking credit for President Obama’s election.

And now we’re back to the mundane.

Pip did not accompany his Shelf Ass to the technical Oscars on Saturday. At least he wasn’t photographed there. Must have been busy with Grammy obligations. On Sunday, as you know, he was on stage, slotted into a last minute performance with Al Green to scramble for the Rihanna and Chris Brown situation.


Shelfy did not have an opportunity to flaunt her Pipster girlfriend status all weekend.

So, bright and early this morning, these photos were posted of the two of them picking up dry cleaning. Because the paps hang out at the dry cleaners all the time.

I hear she’s pleading with him to go to the Oscars with her. He however is making like George Clooney – doesn’t want to attend unless he’s nominated.


Sit DOWN Pipstink!

It’s like he can’t help himself, you know? After last night, after his exuberant appearance with Al Green, I disliked him so much less. So quickly he can turn it around.

To balance it out then…

Heidi sent me this link. It says more about Taylor Swift than it does about him but still… adorable. Please merciful Shiloh, please keep Taylor clean and sweet.

Taylor Swift’s surprise

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