Shelfy uses Pippy’s granny

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 15, 2008 16:18:43 July 15, 2008 16:18:43

Another beautiful, bold, brilliant play from Shelfy’s publicist, nudging Justin’s grandma to talk wistfully about his wedding. Clever, non?

Get an old lady hoping that one day soon she’ll be able to see her beloved grandson take a wife, conveniently make sure a reporter gets the soundbite and all of a sudden, Jessica Biel finds herself making headlines yet again, and a new script from her agent fedexed at the same time.

Seriously, Shelfy’s publicist could school Stephen Huvane.

As for whether or not Pip is actually marrying the Shelf Ass…

Per usual, the UK tabloids are stretching. According to them, his granny Sadie Bomar is already planning it:

“I just want them to be happy. Justin should get married in Lynn’s back yard in Tennessee. She has a big yard with beautiful flowers. I think it would be perfect. Jessica’s really sweet. She’s his age and isn’t possessive. I think their personalities are a lot alike.”

Their deltoids are a lot alike too. Has granny taken a good close look at the kind of herms her Pippysqueak is bringing home???

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