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It’s the best sh-t EVER.

Family sh-t!

What’s the most, most, MOST important thing in Jessica Biel’s life? What is her top priority?


To remain Justin Timberlake’s bonafide.

It’s what matters. The only. So much so that she can swallow all the infidelity and humiliation, so long as he publicly and demonstrably loves her.

Her brother is trying to f-ck that up.

Justin Biel used to work for JT’s 901 Tequila. He’s no longer employed with the company. Suddenly a couple of videos are leaked online from Justin Biel’s Facebook that show Justin Biel smack-talking on his maybe future brother-in-law for not doing enough to promote his own label.


Boy goes on a 4 minute rant (as noted by TMZ) while totally highlighting his relationship to his famous sister and her more famous boyfriend.

Needless to say, 901 Tequila is trying to say that it was all on purpose. That they’re launching some marketing campaign with their employees, like joke videos criticising the brand, that was intended to go wide at the end of December. That Justin Biel’s was just a test shot. Or something.


No wonder 901 Tequila is sucking. They can’t even lie properly.

Justin Biel is irate. Justin Biel is done famewhoring his sister. Justin Biel won’t play anymore. I mean, yeah, he seems like a total douche but that’s not the point. The point is they have a problem. They need to silence this problem. Jessica Biel’s brother has become a problem for Timberlake.

So does she cut off her own brother to preserve her standing?

Does she put him on her payroll to shut him up?

Has her brother squandered any leverage she had accumulated with Timberlake to hold her hand in public after all that cheating?


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Attached - Biel obliviously shopping in New York the other day with a friend.