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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 5, 2009 14:16:13 June 5, 2009 14:16:13

When Cameron Diaz appeared on Jimmy Fallon during his first week, she and Jimmy had an amazing dance-off at the end of her segment.

Of course Shelfy had to come up with her own gimmick last night.

She “trained” him.

It was lame sh-ts. As always, it comes down to personality. Jessica Biel doesn’t have one. And so the piece was flat. But at least she came out in super tight leather leggings to show off that ass. I can’t find the clip on YouTube and the video on NBC’s site is only accessible to US viewers so trust me when I tell you, her ass is f-cking crazy.

Shelfy was also on Ellen today. Wearing the worst outfit ever. Click here to see. Those are BAGGY LEATHER PANTS.

Shelf told Ellen the paps in New York are a nuisance.


You can disappear in New York. If you want to. But you have to want to. This is the question.

And finally, she’s on the cover of the new Gotham magazine. You will love this quote:

"I've made a mark, all right. But balancing the idea of being very sexy and then also being really attainable, kind of a girl-next door quality, is really important."

Shelfy… please.

Justin Timberlake made a mark. You just put your ass in it and let him drag it around.


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