Oscars 2011 - Justin Timberlake took Jessica Biel to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. He even agreed to be photographed with her, and smiling too. Shortly after the two broke up. He’d been cheating. With Olivia Munn and others. Often. And finally it became more than she could ignore.
The split lasted 4 months. By mid-summer Justin had somehow talked his way back into her life and it looks like she imposed some conditions. Because, as you know, a year later, it’s Oscars 2012 and the two are engaged now... even though hardcore haters refuse to believe it until they see the ring. Which Biel has still not yet waved around in the open.

Resist an opportunity to famewhore?
By keeping it so secret, they’ve actually just increased the value of the first shot and created an appetite for seeing it when frankly there was none to begin with. If the headline of this article was - SEE JESSICA BIEL’s ENGAGEMENT RING FROM JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, you totally would have clicked. With haste.
But why not offer those first exclusives in exchange for something useful. And in the meantime walk around New York all smug and sh-t knowing you’ve achieved your ultimate life goal...?
Here’s Biel visiting Justin on the set of the Coen Brothers movie the other day.
As for when they’ll actually get married - Us Weekly is reporting that it’ll be this summer, on a private estate, and that Jessica prefers Monique Lhuillier for the dress which... I don’t actually believe.
I think HE’LL be the one choosing and I think he’ll want to go with something from Paris. Think about it. Think about him. Everyone wears Monique Lhuillier on their wedding day. He’s the one and only JT. Why would he ever follow?