Here’s Shelf Ass walking her dog outside the Staples Centre the other day while Pip was presumably inside pre-performance. Like she"d ever miss a moment of his show, being his biggest fan, surely she wouldn’t stand to be deprived of even a minute of staring at him adoringly, thankful and appreciative …after all, he pretty much gave her her career.

Again, this girl is a Stage 5 clinger.

But at least she’s a responsible dog owner, right? Making sure to walk her baby before the show, doing it herself and not leaving the job to an assistant, unavoidably running in to these bad, bad intrusive photographers who just happened to be there to capture her canine devotion…especially since her publicist just released a rather curious statement.

You see, Celebrity Dog Watcher contacted Jessica Biel’s brilliant rep asking for the whereabouts of her OTHER dog. Jessica had 2 you see – two pit bulls – and now, obviously, only one remains. Rumour has it, one died. So what happened?

Here’s the official statement as provided to Celebrity Dog Watcher:

Thank you for contacting us, the story you have posted is not accurate. Tevy was Jessica’s younger dog that she adopted over six months ago. Last month Tevy suffered an unfortunate accident when she was playing with a group of dogs. No one was around to witness exactly what happened, and sadly she died later that day at a veterinary hospital. From one dog lover to another, we thank you for your concern and for thinking of her during this difficult time.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Do you smell what I smell?


Bull. F&cking. sh-t.

Thanks Lauren!