This is just so spectacularly bad I had to put it on the main page instead of LifeStyle...

Check out Jessica Biel today in London promoting Total Recall in an off-white head to toe situation that, well, do you think it’s doing anything for her? An idea on a runway or in a magazine on a fashion model bent strategically in place to find the only flattering angles is one thing. Then there’s the Hollywood actress who insists on being a style girl.

But Kate Moss is Kate Moss for a reason: it’s because you can’t just decide to be Kate Moss.

Styling requires an eye. As you can see, clearly, Biel... has no idea. Look at her blouse.

That blouse is tucked in, right? It’s tucked into those pants and you can see the line of the tucked-in top right around her waist?

I really wanted to match my shoes to my earrings. Well that’s great, but everything in between is bullsh-t. Is that what you wanted too?

Anyway, there are officially 2 and a half-ish more weekends in August and Jessica was reportedly planning to marry Justin Timberlake in Montana by the end of the month. Labour Day weekend? If so it’ll be a short honeymoon. Trouble With The Curve opens on September 21 and I can’t imagine JT wouldn’t want to be front and centre telling the world media that he somehow scammed his way into a Clint Eastwood movie.