What do you think she was singing? She was so upbeat and excited, you know she had some song in her head. Something upbeat and excited. "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"? I don't know.  

This is the excitement that is appropriate for one's first Oscars. Or any Oscars.  It's a party, you get to be there, it's amazing. She brought her grandmother, because that would be the best possible time for her. To share this with her grandma. I remember reading an interview with her about a year ago, when people were just becoming aware of her, and she talked about how she was working in all these movies but they hadn't come out yet, so her family was kind of like "...are you...sure?  That you're acting in real movies?" This is adorable.

And she knew she had no chance of winning, of course. That award was Octavia Spencer's a long time ago. I did worry for a moment, when the camera zoomed in on her nomination time and she hid her face in Grandma's shoulder, that she was going to go full T.Swift, "Oh no I can't believe it, it isn't like I've been nominated for this award 69 times this season", but luckily the moment passed uneventfully and we were free to enjoy her enjoying herself.

The dress was perfect. I wondered a while back when she came across it whether, with the millions of dresses she's worn over the past year, she found it early and hung onto it, and all the others were also-rans that sufficed for BAFTAs and etc. It was a bit of a choice, so I'm glad she was bold enough to commit to it.  I also loved her hair, colour and styling. I'm agush.

More, please, Jessica. You are so refreshingly refreshing.