Man, these girls from The Help are on a SLOG.  I was looking up something regarding The Help on the site last night, and I came across a poster in another language, and realized ‘oh yeah’, wide, WIDE release.  Lots and lots of travel to promote the movie and many many outfits.

Do you kind of feel like Jessica Chastain maybe blew her wad too early?

I’m sorry.  Crass, first of all, and offensive to the new queen of American cinema second.  I like Chastain, I think she’s articulate and interesting.  

But after the Globes and now last night, I feel like something’s gone awry in the wardrobe planning.  Her Globes dress was too tight, and this blue, in certain pictures it looks confining and restricting, in others I think I’m ridiculous and there’s no strain at all.  Maybe it’s just those really upsetting bra cups.  But it’s just not perfect, not like it could be. The colour, which I think is meant to be a vibrant sort of periwinkle, fades in certain photos and doesn’t do much for her.  It just seems like one of those dresses where she looked over the stylist pile, was like “yeah, I guess” and sighed, and wished she could repeat something awesome she blew on an event last fall.   Maybe?

I assume she’s saving the big guns for Oscar night, and I hope it’s something unusual  and dramatic and not too conformist, which is how I’ve felt about most of the gowns she’s chosen thus far in 2012.  I wish she had some room to have some more fun.

Unless this was the fun, in which case…uh oh.