Check out Jessica Chastain in New York yesterday. I’ve been waiting for some new photos to write about The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby trailer that was released earlier this week. As you know, the film started out as two versions – Her and Him – about a relationship told from both perspectives. For Cannes, Harvey Weinstein requested that the two be combined into Them. Them was enthusiastically received at the festival and now, Weinstein is setting it up for an award season run after its release in September.

Those of you who saw both versions at TIFF last year were all about keeping it intact, insisting that the experience was beautiful. I understand. But it sounds like the filmmakers were still able to preserve the integrity of their vision without having audiences sit through 3 hours in a theatre. Everybody wins?

I LOVE this trailer. I love her so much in this trailer, in spite of the corny “story about a boy who loves a girl”. It’s her voice. It’s her whisper. And her laugh. God she has such a great laugh. Can’t wait to see this movie…on my birthday!