Here’s Jessica Chastain showing up at work on Broadway last night after being in LA for the Oscar Nominees Luncheon earlier in the week. She’s spent a couple of months now flying back and forth and back and forth. And this weekend it’ll be the same. As soon as she’s done with her play, she’ll be off to London for the BAFTAs, then back to the US for Oscar fittings, and then of course it’ll be the Oscars. And every day, since it’s campaign season, every day there’s a smile. I don’t think I remember seeing her frown. At all. Which, to be fair, is the way she seems to be even when it’s not awards time.

Did you see her on Ellen?

God she is cute.

It’s her laugh. She has a really, really cute laugh. And then she’s really, really hot behind her aviators.

Did you see Zero Dark Thirty? Very good movie, yes. And she delivered, as she always does, a very strong performance. But ... I’m not sure it’s Jessica Chastain’s best performance, you know? In 30 years, when we look back on the career of Jessica Chastain, and they say hers might be one of the greatest, I’m not sure Zero Dark Thirty will rank in her top 10 -- that’s how talented she is.

So if she doesn’t win the Oscar this year? It’s OK. She will win an Oscar eventually, maybe even several.