Cannes Thursday is always amfAR. Every year, Harvey Weinstein auctions off a kiss or something. No, not him, don’t worry. Either Ryan Gosling or Robert Pattinson, or whichever “hunk” is available at the festival that year.

Not sure if there’s a kiss to bid for this year but according to Page Six, apparently there is a trip to space on Virgin Galactic...with Leonardo DiCaprio. The cost is normally $200,000 but that number might be higher, depending on how much the Leo date is worth to the rich Euro who ends up paying.

Would you if you had that kind of money? I wouldn’t. Not because of Leo but because this is freaking me out. You go 360,000 ft into the sky. And it only takes two and a half hours. Straight up? It takes about two and a half hours to fly from Vancouver to Los Angeles. So... like that, but straight UP? What speed? I’m sweating already. Jesus Christ, is it safe? Look, I like roller coasters too, but this... I am too chicken sh-t.

Anyway, so far there are no photos of Leo from the event, if he even went, since he’s so busy not going to Sydney for the Gatsby premiere, but here’s Jessica Chastain in a red dress which I have no real feelings about but I love her hair here, a lot. Maybe because it reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.