I"m sure you know by now that according to Gatecrasher, Jessica Simpson declined an offer from Vanity Fair to appear on an upcoming cover because she would be asked to comment on her divorce. I"m actually hearing a little more than that. According to my sources, Jessie was indeed asked to discuss her split from Nick. However, she was also apparently told that she"d be asked about her "wild partying" and alleged affairs with Johnny Knoxville and Adam Levine. And this is where Joe had issues. Because as we all know, his daughter just isn"t quick witted enough to address the drugging and drinking rumours and questions about her oral plastic surgery. More importantly, she simply cannot afford to add any more fuel to the nearly slamdunk consensus that she serviced Jackass front and back in a trailer over and over and over again. Rumour has it, those were the real stumbling blocks behind the botched cover negotiations. The moral of the story? Think long and hard before you start adding integrity to Jessica Simpson"s long list of unsavoury personal attributes. In fact, go back to calling her a Southern fried slut. After all, who ISN"T on Team Nick these days???