She showed up to hog the spotlight away from her sister who"s there for an MTV event. Typical, non? Call me old fashioned but I don"t consider it a good thing when someone looks at your hair and wonders if it"s a wig, a weave, or - shocker - your own. I think I get this from my mother and her disdain for imitation "ellow wee" - translation: LV. Short of course for Louis Vuitton. Now we all know Jessie"s about to launch her own line of false manes and I hope for her sake it goes better than her budget line of cheesy denim, but seriously y"all…doesn"t artificiality have its limits? When she has her own personal hair fairy following her around the globe, why the hell does she need to pimp some ghetto straw? How much more money could Papa Joe possibly need? And did this bitch get her lips done again or has she been blowing Johnny Knoxville again?