While the folks at Life & Style are busy defending their cover, US Weekly has fired back with a bombshell of their own. Jessica Simpson cheated on Nick??? You don’t f*ckin’ say!!! This week’s US is identifying Adam Levine as the undercover lover, joining Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, her personal assistant Cacee, and a certain pillow lipped headcase on the list of rumoured lottery winners to have pulled some Simpson pork. Come on y’all. Is this such a shocker? Did anyone out there really believe that the demise of their marriage had anything to do with Nick? Never mind what you keep hearing about how it was Jessica who ended the marriage. Trust me gossips. Nick wanted out a LONG time ago and if you ask me, he is playing the post divorce card to perfection – a page out of Jennifer Aniston’s book, if you will.