Not that anything could match the record breaking atrocity of Jessica Simpson from earlier today but Elisha Cuthbert isn’t exactly doing herself any favours. Here she is at a premiere last night not flattering her body. At all. Or her feet for that matter.

Toe to shoulder ass in fact. Ass skirt, ass top, and especially assy white shoes. Like Jessica, she must not have any true gays in her life. Sadness.

And shame too. Because she’s so cute rockin’ the short hair. Such a pretty girl, terrible taste in clothes, even worse taste in men and friends. And please. Please save it with the Sean Avery defense. He’s had a good  coupla months. Period. But even the hockey analysts were laughing last night about how long that’s going to last. Sooner or later his prick bitch will come raging back out. Trust.