I know it’s not readily apparent, my appreciation for Jessie’s looks, especially when she insists on looking like ass 99% of the time. But the thing is, when she’s not jamming her body into sausage casing, when her linebacker shoulders aren’t on prominent display, when her face has not been painted…I think Jessica Simpson is a very, very pretty girl. Have a look: Jess without makeup, Jess without Ken Paves and his gawdfrickinawful styling, Jess and Daisy stripped down yesterday, on their way home for a quiet Halloween…now isn’t this much more appealing than Red Carpet Jessica? Or Posing for Daddy Jessica? Or Ridiculously Large Rack Jessica? Or Jessica with Sally Fields’ Hair? She’s apparently fired all publicists, repping herself for a change. Not exactly a great move for someone with limited intellectual capabilities, known for sucking more than speaking, although surprisingly, staying away from the hardcore party scene of late may be a good decision, as is the one where she moans and groans incessantly about how hard it is to find a boyfriend – the challenges of love after divorce, Jessica Simpson is Carrie Bradshaw painted Dixie Dollywood…kinda makes sense, don’t you think? Source X17