Wanted to reply quickly to several emails that I have just come in on the heels of the Jessica Simpson/John Mayer article from earlier this morning, especially after the Dallas/TB game yesterday during which the announcers repeatedly made references to a Jessica romance with the Cowboys’ new star QB Tony Romo. But first, just a little background for those who don’t follow the NFL. Tony Romo is the latest heir to Tom Brady – both mid season replacements for Drew Bledsoe, both excelling in the opportunity. Tom went on to the Big Show in his first season, Tony has led Dallas to top spot in the NFC East so far, shining on national television for the 2nd week in a row, dealing Peyton Manning his first loss all season (much to the dismay of John Madden whose Peyton Passion is getting kinda creepy – hello???) and even though it’s still early, it looks like the Troy Aikman void has finally been filled…so help us all. Because let’s be honest – with all due respect to those of you in Dallas – does anyone love Dallas who doesn’t live in Dallas? And can anyone outside of Dallas stomach a ring for T.O.? Sorry I digress. Tony Romo. He said he had a crush on Jessica Simpson. So then the stories started circulating and word is when her reps heard about it (translation: Joe Simpson) there was an attempt to set them up which of course has resulted in the story that they are dating – VERY premature. At press time it is not even known if they have met (although their pairing would certainly be a Texan dream) and since then, the John Mayer reports have all but buried the Romo rumours until last night’s game, covered by sports announcers who clearly don’t read Us Weekly. The point of the story? There is no story. Right now. All that could change in a few hours though. She is, after all, home in Texas for the holidays. And if anyone can say hello, get bent over, get f&cked, and then get promptly engaged in one fell swoop, it has to be Jessica Simpson.