Well well. Looks like she"s not completely hopeless after all. And it also looks like she might have taken that my bit of advice to heart from the other day: "Time for a new team, honey. Starting with the father. In fact, get rid of ALL the men in your life and give Stephen Huvane call. That man has done wonders with mediocrity in the name of Aniston…can you imagine what he’d do with you???" Full text here And wouldn"t you know it, according to E!Online, Jessica Simpson has fired her publicist, blaming him for the John Mayer piss in face PR explosion that has seriously jeopardised the performance of her new record. Now the only thing left is paternal emancipation...something decidedly more difficult. And the longer Pervy Daddy sticks around, the longer she"s going to wallow around in failure, because what Jessica desperately needs is an All Star Rep...and no All Star Rep worth his/her salt would be willing to take audibles from Joe Simpson and his sh*tty PR playbook. I"m telling you, gossips. Exit Papa Joe, enter Stephen Huvane, and she"ll be wearing a halo again in no time.