Us Weekly’s new cover – forget about that diet nonsense, look instead at the caption under the Plastic Surgery headline: good job for Jen and Jessica Simpson’s “Scary!” new face. Hee. Inside a blow by blow analysis of what she may have done, including pulling up the eyelids, thinning out the nose, cheek injections, and some sort of lip plumpage similar to the Restalyne treatment she had before. Gee…showbiz bimbo aged 26 in for plastic surgery? Hardly surprising. What is surprising however is The Great Mayer Mystery – flummoxing his fans and gossips the world over: the musician celebrated for cerebral pursuits over superficial preoccupations has somehow found himself nestled on the pillowy chest of Hollywood dumbest, plastic blonde. Like I’ve been sayin’: Pervert or Publicity Whore…you decide. Us Weekly