Page Six is reporting that the Miu Miu campaign landed by Lindsay Lohan was originally intended for Jessica Simpson…but for one rather large snafu – Ken Paves. Apparently she refused to be photographed without his styling and so the opportunity fell through, given that professional fashion shoots are the opposite of low classy which, quite obviously, is Ken’s trademarked specialty or, in the words of a Vanity Fair insider, “tacky, amateurish …(and) very "Texas pageant.” Very true…but let’s not forget “Soap Opera” either – see Eva Longoria. But perhaps it’s a good thing…that Jessie’s staying close to the trailer, not willing to alienate the only folks who find her appealing. Even though she lives in LA, even though she prefers designer denim to her own budget brand of cheap ass clothing, even still – like Oprah- it’s never a bad idea to cater to the mindless majority that pays the bills. PS. In case you care, Jessica is currently in Shreveport, LA shooting her new movie, had dinner at a Mexican restaurant Sunday night. Source