Was backstage during rehearsals and soundcheck all weekend. You know how some musicians, when they’re performing live, they sound nothing like the studio product? And then you realise that photoshop doesn’t only apply to a visual package?

Not sure how it came across on tv but Nelly live sounds just as clean as it does on the disc. I honestly thought they had a cd running - it was that pure. So then I had to head up front and watch and I’m not sh-tting you: she can sing.

Teeny tiny in person but not in a Nicole Richie way. She’s curvy but packed really small, arrived on the carpet in a strapless black dress, not terribly imaginative…though none of the other choices were either.

Still… in person…she is gorgeous. Flawless skin, the juiciest ass, WAAAAY better without that fringe, and she worked hard. As the host of the show, committed to her duties, she was there every day for days - practising, tweaking, preparing … I know this because we were there too. A rather sharp contrast compared to a lazy ass pop tart like Jessica Simpson who can’t be bothered to learn the words to a Dolly Parton song when performing in her honour.

Refreshing non?

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Source Dose.ca