Jessica Simpson: faghag in Washington

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 16, 2006 12:00:00 March 16, 2006 12:00:00
Lame day in gossip which is perhaps why Jessica Simpson"s perceived "snub" of George Bush made top headlines in Hollywood. Our favourite honky tonk skank (and faghag in training) arrived in DC today to support Operation Smile, an organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged young people with deformities. The hoopla over her capitol visit began when Jessie backed out of attending a Republican event - an event that turned out to be a fundraiser. But although Papa Joe has gone on record to say that the cancellation was not politically or personally motivated - "We are huge fans of him (Bush) and of his family, his girls. Jessica loves the heck out of him" - my sources have a much different story to tell. Exclusive, of course. You will note that since her divorce, Jessica has almost never been seen without her hair stylist Ken Paves who, as we all know, plays for Team GMD. And while Ken has certainly not made much of a dent in her class factor, he definitely has been able to exert some influence over many other aspects of Simpson"s career, much to the dismay of her creepy father. I hear she can"t do anything these days without consulting the gaymate and apparently, this recent decision to pass on the GOP gala was reportedly made with Ken"s blessing and encouragement. After all, what kind of self respecting homo would allow his faghag protege to contribute so openly to the overflowing campaign coffers of America"s gayhating ruling party? You see how a queer education can affect someone as learning-impaired as Jessica Simpson? But enough about politics. Let"s switch gears and examine the almost indistinguishable change in Jessica"s appearance. And I don"t mean the pearls. I"ve been asking myself all day if this is a case of the chicken and the egg. Does her face look fuller to me because Ted Casablanca said she might be preggers? Or is her face just fuller because she actually is preggers? Is she really preggers??? Well, for what it"s worth, no one I"ve talked to seems to think so. What"s more, even if she IS, no one seems to think... would stay that way for long. Here"s how my insider broke it down: "It"s not like she hasn"t had a chance to get knocked up, we all know that, but there"s no way the Simpsons would let her take time off just after her divorce and the new album coming out and the movies, it just wouldn"t happen. They"d take care of it." very intriguing. And even a little political too. Stay tuned, gossips. I"ll keep you posted.

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