Now that we can safely say she did not get a nose job - look closely, that bump is still there - can we redirect our attention to what really matters? Who’s tappin" Jessica Simpson? After a flurry of post divorce freedom f&cks with Adam Levine and everyone left over from the Jackass crew, Jessie"s had a relatively quite Spring. But now that Summer"s full upon us, some lower tier tabloids are reporting that she"s definitely doing something undercover with Dane Cook who, by the way, apparently has a girlfriend. I"m still trying to find out for sure but regardless, whatever or whoever she"s having seems to be working because Jessica looked terrific in NYC yesterday. For once I like the extensions, her skin looks great, I"m loving the black eyeliner on the top and bottom inner rim, and those shoes MUST be mine! Yes, yes, I hear you. The dress sucks ass and she"s probably the one person other than Tara Reid who can make an authentic Louis Vuitton look like a Taiwan special but you know what? The stumpy legs are hidden and for the first time in a long time her mouth doesn"t like it just got pulled off someone"s jock and to top it all off, she"s NOT Tori Spelling so can you throw Jessie a charitable bone and give her a little bit of credit for few small steps?