You didn’t think it was possible, did you? For a movie to bomb harder than Gigli?

Not surprisingly, Papa Pervy Pimp Joe Simpson has managed to earn the dubious distinction and he is managing his daughter’s career straight into the sh*tter.

Jessica’s film Blonde Ambition was released in 8 theatres in Texas this weekend with a per theatre average of just $227 over three days, grossing only $1,251.

In other words … a total DISASTER. An embarrassing disaster. A colossal failure.

Put it this way – you and I could shoot a movie tomorrow on a thousand dollar budget and make more money with the help of my mother’s mahjong honger friends. Seriously.

And they actually spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this ridiculous waste of resources! Resources that literally have been pissed and flushed away.

On a related note: how poor is Luke Wilson??? How broke ass do you have to be do sign on to a movie produced by Joe Simpson starring Jessica Simpson?

photos from Splash