An update on the Triangle plus 1

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 8, 2006 12:00:00 January 8, 2006 12:00:00
Every frickin" day there"s a new rumour to debunk or to debate. January 7th marked the official one year anniversary of the death of the old Pitts and when you look back on the year that was, keeping track of this story alone would be enough to earn you a Ph.D. in smut twice over. There are two recent tabloid stories making the rounds that I"d like to address here. First - the report that Jennifer called Brad over the holidays and Angelina ended picking up the phone and spilling all to her about the pregnancy. Complete bullsh*t. As ridiculous as the one 12 months ago about how Jen overheard her then husband and Angie whispering sweet nothings to each other on the house phone. Give me a break. The next story involves my best friend Gwyneth. According to Star Magazine, she and Aniston have been bonding of late, having found something in common to bitch about. Again, complete bollocks. First of all, this is a magazine that reported that Jessica Simpson was pregnant on the week that she and Nick announced their split. Not exactly a great track record. And while Gwyneth is clearly not Angelina"s biggest fan, she"s not all that crazy about Jennifer Aniston either. My Gwynnie, bless her cold heart, is a snob. How many times do I have to tell you this? Stooping to becomes friends with a soggy sap like the Chin would never be on her list of things to do. Trust me, gossips. She"d rather have tea with Stella and laugh about "tv girl" getting her comeuppance than spend any time consoling the woman who has always played #2 to the #1 Paltrow in Brad"s life. Besides, my girl has other issues on her mind these days. Word from my sources in the UK is that things are a bit frosty between her and Chris since she hasn"t been able to tour with him as much as she would have liked. Conflicting schedules, she"s not feeling as great as she did when she was pregnant with Apple, his mood swings - it"s adding up to a little marriage malaise. No cause for read alert, mind you but needless to say, soothing Jennifer Aniston and her litany of sorrows isn"t high on Gwyneth"s list of priorities. I’ll update you further when I see/stalk my Gwynnie if she comes with Coldplay to Vancouver later this month. After all, I can"t imagine why she wouldn"t want to spend 48 hours locked in a room with me, her biggest fan.

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