Oh she"s a famewhore, alright. One of the best. She loves the spotlight, she fights for the spotlight, and she will likely only stay in the spotlight if she keeps up her attention seeking antics, which run the gamut from a very active sex life to legal entanglements to professional feuds and now, it seems we"ve even added enhancements to the list. As in nipple enhancements. As in nipple injections. Look, I didn"t even know til just recently that you could even do that. I also didn"t know, as cynical as I am about Hollywood, that it"s actually more common than you think. Actresses get their cherries shot up so that their nubbins will perk up, resulting in major protrusion that lasts several weeks, visible right through their shirts, visible on tv, visible on film, and ensuring that All.Eyes.Are.On.Them. Now back to the famewhore. She"s had "em done. She"s thrilled with them. Except that no one really noticed. Which means she"ll be doing her best to show them off everywhere. Stay tuned. Don"t bother with: Jennifer Aniston Jessica Simpson Britney Spears