Ken Paves is Jessica Simpson’s main gay, also known as her hairstylist. As it turns out, Ken also does Eva Longoria. Thing is, I’m sure Ken is talented and I’m sure he’s coiffed and created some beautiful manes in the past, but going purely from these 2 subjects alone, I’m thinking he might want to recruit some new clients. Between Jessica’s revolving door of budget wigs and weaves and Eva’s one pouf, one look, soap opera helmet, is this really the best of Ken? And if so, what makes him any more accomplished than Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias? (Aside – didn’t that look fun? Wouldn’t you have wanted to hang with those ladies? Sometimes I wish I could get over my fear of lynching and go into the deep south). Underneath my no-lid Asian eyes, I think there really is a little Dixie in me. But I digress. The point is, Jessie and Eva are not doing Ken justice. Especially not last night at the TMobile party. Barbie looks like she’s suffering from hair humidification while Eva’s Posh locks are decidedly unoriginal, especially since she’s been rockin’ the same ‘do for what, two years now? Here she is again at the Superman premiere this evening, although her shoes are probably even more offensive than anything else. Some girls are just too short for big wedges, you know what I mean?