An uppercrust evening of philanthropy and doesn’t my snotty favourite fit right in? Kind of reminds me – those rumours a few years ago, just before Chris, that she was dating Spanish Crown Prince Felipe…I was never able to get anything confirmed or otherwise on that situation, although she denied it but come on…how much is a denial really worth these days? Sorry, I digress. Back to G in black at the Prince’s Trust event last night. Love the dress, the simple, understated elegance. My girl always knows the right touch, and I can only imagine here that she’s sharing a laugh at the expense of the uncouth, flanked by two royals, only to inwardly roll her eyes at the Rottweiler while smiling radiantly and offering up a witty anecdote because isn’t that just so totally Gwyneth? As for her hair and many of your emails insisting that she should cut it, that it’s too long…sorry but can we agree to disagree? Not only because Gwynnie is my imaginary best friend but also because my own hair is that long and even flatter and…well… I like it. The rollers and the soft waves, the Jennifer Aniston mane – looks great, is lovely…but so LA and haven’t you heard? Gwyneth was LA, is now UK - think Kate Moss scraggly limp locks over Jessica Simpson, anti-Cali glam, you know what I mean? Besides, given that it’s already crippling enough for her to have to sell out mainstream for Estee Lauder, conforming to People Magazine’s idea of “Best Hair in Hollywood” as voted by the MiniVan Majority probably isn’t tops on her list of style priorities. Haughty, snotty, and condescending – my Gwyneth will never change, thank Goddess. Source