Everybody Hates Lindsay

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2006 12:00:00 December 1, 2006 12:00:00
Looks like Page Six is right pissed at Lindsay Lohan. Yesterday they ran a story about her attempt to dry out following a rumoured and laughable intervention by her mother, probably on a tip released from her people, that ended up looking a bit silly considering she was out the same night partying her dirty face off without any signs of slowing down. The result: don’t f&ck with the New York Post. In today’s issue, a nasty ass report about her appearance at the GQ event on Wednesday and a strop she threw over Jessica Biel. Apparently Jessica’s current assistant is Lilo’s old assistant and she didn’t appreciate her presence, her displeasure manifesting itself in the form of a tantrum overheard by everyone at the party, but also largely ignored. Even Will Ferrell weighted in, commenting to Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio: "Who cares about that freak anymore, anyway?" Laughter and derision ensued. She also supposedly set her pinned pupils on Leo but couldn’t score in the end which I hear isn’t the first time she’s been shunned by my #1, poor thing. All was not lost however since she did manage to find success with Jackass Johnny Knoxville who doesn’t seem to be as discriminating as DiCaprio, having already tutored Jessica Simpson in several acts of debauchery, I’m sure Lilo’s skank is the kind of smell he certainly doesn’t mind. They left together later on, along with Harry Morton, proving that even the presence of Dina Lohan is not enough to rein in a trainwreck. Yes, I do think Lindsay is worse off than Britney. And then of course there’s damage control from Leslie Sloane Zelnick, admonishing all of us for ridiculing Lilo’s incoherent condolence missive in response to the death of Robert Altman, claiming that the sentiments were genuine and heartfelt and that the typos, along with the inarticulate ramblings reflect not stupidity and stoned-ness (the only word that applies, really) but compassion and remorse over losing a father figure. Curious though because the publicist named at the time of the release of the statement was some dude named Gary Mantoosh who obviously didn’t feel the need to clean it up before sending it out – a piss poor job at publicity if you ask me which might be what Leslie’s really pissed about and therefore deflecting purposely. Bottom line, Lilo is heading for rock bottom, and fast. Bet your boob job another hospitalization before the Oscars. Source

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