OK seriously… Janice Min outdid herself this week. The Drug Issue - obviously they can’t go full on and name names but some of the photos are pretty killer. Like one of Jack Nicholson I’d never seen before with white powder lining his nostrils. And Ryan Phillippe toking on…something. But the guessing games, the guessing games put this issue over the top. Two items in particular: Man of the People– Last year, this half of a famous couple could be regularly seen driving around local public housing projects attempting to score crack. How did anyone know it was him? Only a megastar could afford his expensive set of wheels. Late Riser– When this reformed bad girl used to stay for long periods at one historic Beverly Hills hotel, she required a special wake-up call each morning: a designated staffer had to pull the actress out of bed and stick her in a cold shower in order to sober her up from the night before. Then she would head off to her movie set. Funniest part? Two pages down the line there’s a caption on Lindsay Lohan about how “she’s a different person” now that she’s out of Wonderland. Whatever. Ok so the article isn’t perfect. But it’s pretty frickin’ smutty. Five blind items and way better than the standard publicist-driven drivel…though the John Mayer/Jessica Simpson Roman Holiday photo spread immediately after requires its very own Vomit Caution.