Didn"t I tell you this girl was good? Never mind the sweet exterior and the "I"m all for you" approach she"s played to perfection. Vanessa Minnillo is bringin" it - and her efforts have not only added value to her own career, she"s also lifting Nick in the process. Check it out - on a week during which Mel Gibson f&cked up his life and Lilo attempted to do the same, Nick Lachey"s the one gracing the cover of the latest Us Weekly, an entire spread devoted to his new relationship. Hmmm…that April "exclusive" on NICK TELLS ALL must have been a 2 issue deal - yet another example of Nick"s masterful PR team hard at work. But I digress. We"re here to talk about Vanessa"s impressive female wiles and the way she"s used them to gain a man and quite possibly a reality show. The girl is a genius, not only understanding the egoc*ck stroke of throwing herself in public on her target but also pulling the foolproof trump card - adding sports to a repertoire that already includes great tits, great teeth, wonderful skin, and a natural mane of hair that drapes tantalisingly around her shoulders, perfect for primping AND for pulling. “She’s a guys’ girl,” says a friend of the couple’s. “Jessica was always about going somewhere that was a scene with a big entourage. Vanessa can play darts and chill.” Minnillo also scores points for being a fellow sports nut. Whereas Simpson rolled her eyes at Lachey’s passion, Minnillo revels in it. In fact, when she and Lachey were still in the platonic friendship stage, “Nick commented on his love for the [hometown NFL team], Cincinnati Bengals and Vanessa blew him away by running off the team’s poor stats,” says a Lachey source. “He tells friends, ‘It’s like talking to your best guy friend, but she’s a smoking-hot chick.’” You see gossips? Nothing I like more than a scheming beauty. And as the Fug Girls would say: Well played Vanessa…well played indeed. Photo from Us Weekly