Us Weekly is reporting that Nick has a new girl. Her name is Kim Kardashian, daughter of Robert, who you might remember as OJ"s lawyer. Kim looks hot. Hot and brunette and probably rich. Isn"t it ironic that in the intricate world of PR messaging, Nick Lachey"s the one who came out on top? Because even though I"m told he most definitely wanted out of the Family Simpson, playing the poor jilted card was bloody brilliant, worthy of our highest admiration. But while Nick basks in the glory of his accomplished media maneuvers, Jessica"s rumoured to be one step away from a massive meltdown. Goodbye husband, goodbye best friend, goodbye dignity - word on the street is that Daddy"s girl is in a rough spot. Very depressed and very lonely and - gasp!- allegedly binge eating? This from a rather new-ish source so don"t sing it to the skies just yet but the bottom line is, Jessie ain"t right. Sigh. Sad, non? Ummm…not really. If we start feeling sorry for every spreading, snorting blonde, pretty soon we"ll have to sympathise with Paris. And I ain"t feelin" that trend. Save your pity for someone who really deserves it. Someone like Winona Ryder.