One year later – is this the face of a man who didn’t want to end his marriage? Sorry for the little gloat but at the time of the divorce announcement, when it was widely circulated courtesy of Pervy Joe Simpson that Jessica was the one who pushed for separation at Nick’s resistance, I reported that HE was actually the one calling out for months, and for the sake of saving face and to help her play out a “strong woman” façade, he agreed to pretend subsequently coming out on top when it was all said and done. Indisputable – Nick Lachey had a killer 2006. And he kicked off 2007 on MTV with his new Beauty Queen Vanessa Minnillo, clearly incapable of wearing anything non-pageant fashion. Gold and gawdy, she’s gorgeous but seriously…WTF? Apparently there was a lot of whispering, some neck nuzzling, a hug and a kiss – all played out on a raised platform, no less – followed by tears… of Joy, OF COURSE… perfectly practiced for someone with her pageant pedigree. Excessive yes. But I like it. And I particularly like the one of her squealing with excitement at the turning of the New Year. Her game is so convincing, you have to be happy for a man who has found his Miss Sweetly Servile after too many years of enduring Miss Stupid. Source