I know I disappointed you a couple of weeks ago when I said I liked Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind . I’m really, really sorry… but it’s a catchy tune. Now I’m about to disappoint you once again by saying that I also like Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair. The song is great. The way she sings it, not so much. You know how she sings right? Like one long moan? Like she’s getting jacked and they pressed record by accident? That’s Jessie…except on this song, it totally works. It’s irresistible and fun summer pop and you hear it and your head just automatically starts bopping and I can totally picture me and my gays getting sweaty on the dance floor and I’m telling you, it’s got an old school 80s vibe and it is going to ROCK the charts. That’s the bad news. The good news is A Public Affair is so hot that is has the potential to completely demolish Stars Are Blind. And wouldn’t you much rather see Jessica own the anthem of the summer over that Hilton disease that just won’t die??? Can we agree on that? Oh and one more thing – turn your attention to the single cover. VERY slick, VERY un-cheesy Simpson. In spite of myself, I do like it. Shocker of shockers…I even like the hair! Which brings me to Ken Paves who, as you can see, is sitting right beside her. Ok, so like I admire her for representing faghags and all but come on now. There’s faghag and then there’s just fag-dependency. And CLINGING to your main gay is DEFINITELY not cool. Click here to listen to the song via Dlisted