A little neglected by the media frenzy caused by Britney’s poonie, Jessica Simpson has been quietly shooting Blonde Ambition in Louisiana, seen here on set in red, red, red, managing as usual to make the most expensive clothing look cheap. As for the movie – something about a girl who defies expectations and conquers the corporate world, hilarity ensues. Intentionally AND unintentionally. Reese Witherspoon’s Elle succeeding at Harvard is one thing. How believable is any Jessica Simpson character succeeding at anything but rubbing herself down on a car with no clothes on? Please. Several million dollars spent on a copycat movie that will definitely not have a copycat audience…such a tragic waste. Oh, while we’re on the subject of Jessica Simpson – have you seen her new ads for DirectTV? Daisy Duke taking orders in a bar, she spends the whole time yammering away in that southern twang with her head twisting back and forth, side to side, you know that – oh no you dih-int bobble, big ass lips flying all over the place…I swear to Goddess, Johnny Knoxville created a f*cking moster. Source