Everyone going short? Selma Blair, Renee Zellweger, now Michelle Williams. Personally, I think every woman has to try it at least once in a lifetime. I stupidly did it at the worst time = when all 4 of my wisdom teeth came out, ended up looking terminally ill after losing 10 pounds in a week. But then it grew out a little and looked like Gwyneth – remember this? Sorry, I digress. Michelle Williams with short hair. Do I think she’s the most beautiful example of a celebrity with short hair? Of course not. That honour belongs to Halle Berry. Do I think she looks good? Yes I do. Her face is cute enough, her style is quirky enough, and what I like most is that she did it period. I like that she shunned generic and chose not to look like every cookie cutter Hollywood limp starlet. Think about it – would Jessica Simpson do this? Would Jennifer Aniston? Would Jessica Biel? Michelle Williams: Bonus points always for taking a risk. It’s really too bad she’s such a bitch. Source