Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are designing clothes. Their new line is called The Row. Their first high profile product is a The Perfect Tee, perfect because the Olsens spent 9 months designing it with one signature French seam that runs down the back - the same seam that is used on many of their upcoming pieces, including a pair of impossibly flattering skinny pants that don"t bunch up on the sides. As photographed in the new issue of Vogue, the Olsens collaborated with a friend to launch the low-key label, focusing on quality over profile, and the white tank creation worn by the model in the attached photo is an example of what they"ve come up with, back French seam and all, for a bargain basement price of $550. But that"s only because it"s a *special* one. The *regular* perfect tees go for around US$150 at Barney"s and will undoubtedly sell out in 5 minutes. Hell… I"ll probably end up buying one too. "Cause here"s the thing with Mary-Kate and Ashley. Unlike many of their peers - hello Hollywood Ebola, hello Firecrotch - MK and Ashley really aren"t famewhores. You don"t see them at Hyde every night, they"re not engaged every 5 minutes, they don"t show up at every premiere or at the opening of a can of tuna, they don"t engineer fake romances to promote their projects… I believe them when they say they"re in to fashion for interest as opposed to intrigue. I believe them when they hide from cameras and avoid the pappies. Above all, I also think it"s f&cking hilarious that the Olsens, THE OLSENS!, can hawk their sh*t at Barney"s while everyone else, including Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton and even Jennifer Lopez can"t get in that door, having to settle for less - literally! - at Target and sometimes at Walmart. I take perverse pleasure in that…you? And call me Cruise, maybe it"s the weekend imbibing but I can actually smell something real behind what the Olsens are selling. Which is why I hope they succeed as adults. I hope they transcend Michelle Tanner and the countless DVDs and videos and books that fed a generation of tweens. I.Am.Team.Olsen. Source