At an event honouring Diane Keaton last night. All over her hair and the eyes look rather…refreshed, non?

But the dress. Can’t say I’m down with the dress. A bit prom on the skirt non? And the cut, perhaps not on someone so short? Just makes her look even littler, I think. And if you’re not tall either, save it with your protest email – I’m height challenged as well. Which is why I’m saying that showing a little leg may have helped. Or not. Maybe it’s just me? Maybe you think she looks like a long lean amazon in a mermaid’s dress and I’m just Cruise?

The low budget clothing line launches soon – Bitten, it’s called. So the question is: will SJP actually wear her clothes, will she mix and match from her line and de la Renta, or will she pull a Jessica Simpson and sell for budget but shop for couture?

I say the former. I say Sarah Jessica Parker actually has some integrity.